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...о чем, о чем?..
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19 июн, 2007 @ 23:23 Детище.
Настроение: highhigh
ATGC will participate in MCCMB’07

ATGC is new application for nucleotide sequence analyses of different kinds. Initially developed to perform exon alignment, now it in addition includes algorithms for consensus, repeats and palindromes search, emulation of restriction, docking sequences into contig, ORF search and amino acid sequence prediction. As one (but not the only) special features, ATGC implicates the abstract model of logical operations (conjunction, disjunction and negation) with nucleotides. This model is used in algorithm for docking sequences, and it can be used for exploration of variable regions within orthologs in evolutionary genomics.

To make analyses or algorithm tutorials more vivid, graphical sequence representation concept was used. This also makes manual manipulations with sequences (like manual shifting or alignment) much easier, as compared to plain text view mode. Application is compiled with user-friendly, intuitively understood interface. We propose ATGC as free open-source software, which can be used for research needs, as well as for educational purposes in bio-informatics.

The latest version is available for download here:
http://sourceforge.net/projects/atgc/ .

All the solutions of ATGC will be presented in Moscow Conference on Computational Molecular Biology (MCCMB’07) that will occur in July, 27 – 31 in Moscow (Russia).
Website of the conference: http://mccmb.belozersky.msu.ru/2007/ .

Оригинал здесь.

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22 май, 2007 @ 23:42 Н-да-а-а...
Настроение: highhigh
Ну, кто хочет подзаработать?..Свернуть )
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22 сент, 2006 @ 11:41 Для врачей-автомобилистов
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Subject: Для врачей-автомобилистов

Не знаю, кто у нас еще автолюбитель?
Состоит из 2-х частей. Дочитайте до конца.

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11 май, 2005 @ 21:41 R (ПоstФото)
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